Destination BootCamp Testimonials

New Destination BootCamp Date for 2016, Plus Unedited Testimonials from BootCamp Attendees

IMG_1357This is a short post to let you know that we have added another Destination BootCamp to our 2016 schedule.  We now are taking applications for our newly-posted October 11-13 date.

We have added this additional date because the two remaining Destination BootCamps for 2016 of September 13-15 and October 26-28 have both filled up and can take no more attendees.

As of Thursday, August 4, we have 24 seats available for this new BootCamp date, October 11-13, and if you miss this date, the next time to attend will be 2017.

If you’re wondering if the Destination BootCamp can help your business, here is a sampling of testimonials from business owners who just attended the BootCamp last week:

Actual, Unedited July, 2016 Destination BootCamp Attendee Testimonials

“The most comprehensive and current 2½ day program I have ever attended on owning and operating a business from financials, leadership, customer service, through social media.”

“You will learn so much: marketing, media, internet options … so much to learn!”

“There is an incredible wealth of information.”

“Destination Business BootCamp takes you out of your day-to-day rut, and gives you perspective from the mountaintop.  Those blind spots that are holding your business back become visible.”

“There is so much good information in one place over 2½ days.”

“You have no idea what you didn’t know until Jon reveals it.”

“Destination BootCamp has given me the motivation to carry on in these economic hard times.

The information learned will be the survival tools needed to make our business more successful.”

“Take the step and the time to work on your business – get to this BootCamp yesterday!”

“We all need to take a couple days out of the office to plan, prep and prepare.  We need a break from working in the business to work ON the office!”

“Jon gives you ideas to bring life back into your business.  This a very organized way to develop a plan of action specific to your business and the destination business principles will help you clarify and target your business approach.”

Need more information to help you decide?  Call me directly at my office and we can talk about how this class can grow your sales and customer traffic beyond what you’re doing now.


Jon Schallert
(303) 774-6522