image In Today’s Economy, a Book That All of Us Can Use Setting Yourself Apart is the Key to Becoming a Destination

Destination University Membership Grows Worldwide

Now you can see the growth of the Destination University Student Center network by viewing our Google Map application.  Every little dot on the map is a business, a business organization, or an expert/author who is part of DU.

Come back to it often and watch DU grow!

About Jon Schallert
Jon Schallert is the only business consultant in the world teaching businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into Consumer Destinations. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his 14-step “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the course of nearly 30 years interviewing over 10,000 business owners in over 500 communities. When Jon is not speaking around the country, he conducts his 2½ day Destination Business BootCamps in Longmont, Colorado, and oversees his company’s online training network, Destination University.
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