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from Jon Schallert, "Destination" Expert and "Marketing Guru"

Jon Schallert is the only consultant teaching businesses and communities how to attract consumers from hundreds of miles away by re-inventing their businesses and marketplaces into Consumer Destinations.  His 14-step strategy teaches specific steps to attract consumers from great distances.  

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Mom And Pop On Top: How To Be Small, But Play Large
Once Optional, Now Required: The New Rules For Small Business Success
Business Reinvention: The New Normal On Main Street & Every Street
Driving Customer Traffic And Sales In This Economy
Turn Any Business Into A Consumer Destination
Seven Critical Steps To Reinventing Mom And Pop
Get Local Consumers To Spend Money Locally
If They Stop Here Once, I'll Sell Them 'Year-Round
Ten Rules For Courting Today's Aging Consumers
Capturing Customers When They Enter Your Door: The Critical 7 Seconds
Marketing Don'ts Most Businesses Do
Capturing Today's Over-Marketed Consumers
Increasing Internet And Social Media Profitability For Small Businesses
Branded Advertising On A Bargain Basement Budget
Pumping New Life Into Stagnant Businesses
Creating A Destination Downtown, One Business At A Time
Destination Development: Retail Recruitment On Any Budget In Any Community
Jenny Thomas, Owner
Applause!...Give Your Kids A Hand
"Jon's wit & easy practical tips made this workshop one worth the 3-hour drive this morning."
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Jon Schallert, President
The Schallert Group, Inc.
"Hereís a quick reality check: Can your business pull consumers from hundreds of miles away? If it canít, itís not utilizing all the principles of a Destination Business. And if it doesnít, you should know that it could."
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