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Running a Business: Much Tougher than Becoming a Destination

When I work with owners who want to turn their businesses into Destinations, they often ask me if I’m going to help them write a business plan.  And I say “No.” Or, they ask me if I’m going to help them with their business operations.  Again, “No, that’s not what I do.”

So what exactly do I do?  To simplify this, I basically teach a 14-step business differentiation process that pushes your targeted customers’ hot buttons where they feel like they know what they have to do.  Your company becomes the only choice for them!

The process of becoming a Destination to the customers you are targeting isn’t hard.  But it takes work.  Could your competitors do it?  Sure, but most won’t.  They are too busy focusing on running their businesses rather than creating points of difference that cause consumers to purchase.

The good news is that it takes less work to position your business as a Destination than it took to build your business to where it is now.  In fact, everyday owners work extremely hard to do all the things that keep their businesses up and operating, and take very little time to learn what a consumer really requires to say these words: “That’s the only place for me.”

Think of this analogy:  Building a house isn’t hard for a home builder who has a set of blue prints that he or she can follow.  But try to build the house without the plan, and you’re going to make a lot of errors in the process.

Creating a Destination Business takes a 14-step plan.

Remember: Running a business is the hard part.  Creating consumer insistence is the easy part.

About Jon Schallert
Jon Schallert is the only business consultant in the world teaching businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into Consumer Destinations. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his 14-step “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the course of nearly 30 years interviewing over 10,000 business owners in over 500 communities. When Jon is not speaking around the country, he conducts his 2½ day Destination Business BootCamps in Longmont, Colorado, and oversees his company’s online training network, Destination University.
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