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Jon Schallert gives his audiences specific learning tools they can implement for little or no cost as soon as they leave his sessions to help increase their customer traffic and sales.  All of Jon's keynote and workshop sessions are accompanied by PowerPoint slides to help in attendees' learning.  The following video clips will show Jon's presentation style, how he uses his slides to aid in audience learning, and the power of his message.

The following five (5) video clips are taken from Jon's keynote presentation for NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants.





Jeannie Elmstrom, Owner
Aqua Fit Spas, Los Angeles, CA
"Great ideas, great information, very helpful and useful. I can go out and use this information right now! This seminar changed my business and my attitude towards marketing. Things are broken down into steps, so it doesn't feel overwhelming!"
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Jon Schallert, President
The Schallert Group, Inc.
"Every retail chain executive in the country says they want to become a preferred destination for a consumer. Unfortunately, saying you want to become one, and actually becoming one are two different things. In fact, most chains inadvertently implement strategies that are contradictory to creating customer insistence on shopping their individual locations."
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