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This is Jon Schallert and thanks for wanting to learn about my Destination BootCamp class.

This is my 19th year teaching the Destination BootCamp and I can say that 2020 was a not just a challenge, but more like falling from an airplane with only part of a parachute: We went from a live BootCamp class in February, 2020 to figuring out how to conduct the BootCamp with all online classes throughout the rest of the year.

You should know that with no end in sight for the pandemic, we have reduced our pricing on our online Destination BootCamp attendance prices to the lowest price we’ve ever charged for the class. We think that every small business needs a break during these times.

Here’s what else is different about our 2021 online Destination BootCamps:

  1. Everything is taught online!  That means you don’t have to worry about traveling to Colorado; you won’t have any hotel, meal, or travel costs; you won’t be away from your business for 4 days, and you won’t have to worry about spending 3 days in a conference room with business owners from all over North America during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Same great content in a small class setting, but you get to sleep in your own bed in your own home each night.
  2. The BootCamp has been entirely rewritten to teach owners how to run a Destination Business even with a pandemic going on:  The 2021 online Destination BootCamp has been totally rewritten, restructured, and reshaped to include critical information on how to grow your business revenue, your walk-in customer traffic, and your online customer traffic, regardless of what the Covid-19 pandemic throws at you in 2021.
  3. The Destination BootCamp is NOT like a typical Zoom webinar: The class is structured with plenty of breaks, interactive events, and other ways for you to learn that won’t have you pulling your hair out (like you do with most online trainings).
  4. All Recorded:  The entire Destination BootCamp will be recorded and made available to every attendee who attends the class in our Destination University app.  202 was the first time the entire class was recorded, and attendees loved that they could access the content later.

Here are other changes to the online Destination BootCamp class:

  1. There’s now more in-class learning time with the online Destination BootCamp: 5.5 hours each day for 3 days. Click here to access a typical class schedule
  2. We now have shorter learning segments with ample breaks between sessions to get up, move around, and (if necessary), deal with your business issues.
  3. Since the entire BootCamp is recorded in small segments and shared with you, this allows you to leave the class if an interruption occurs, and you’ll easily be able to listen to the section you missed later.
  4. Every attendee will have more opportunities to receive 1-on-1 consulting time with me after the BootCamp class ends.
  5. Every attendee will have the opportunity to learn from other BootCamp Graduates in our follow-up BootCamp Mastermind sessions.


The online format for the 2021 Destination BootCamps also alleviates the biggest complaint we’ve heard over the years:  That attending the BootCamp in 3-days was like “drinking from a firehose” with the overwhelming amount of content.

Our online format takes the most critical aspects of the BootCamp process and puts them up front.  Other less critical lessons are easily accessed through our Destination University app, allowing owners to learn more on their own if the topic interests them.


Covid-19 has changed every business and it’s changed our business too.  Like many of you, when the virus came out, I found myself at home, trying to reinvent parts of my business that were no longer operable.

As I saw the challenges businesses were having with the Covid-19 shutdowns, and the difficulties for businesses to stay afloat with so little consumer spending, it soon became clear to me that my existing Destination BootCamp class in its current form lacked some powerful tools that business owners needed right now to survive and keep their revenue flowing.

After living through several months of chaos with Covid-19, I started conducting weekly online group conference calls with business owners from all over North America. It was during this time that I started to see the new skills and tools that successful business owners were using to thrive, even with consumers cutting back on their spending and limiting their in-business visits.

During this time, I watched and listened to what the most successful businesses were doing during the shutdown and then rewrote the entire Destination BootCamp manual in a new format that works for business owners, regardless of where you live and the severity of the virus outbreak in your city or town.

Click here to read from the testimonials of our Destination BootCamp Graduates on what they learned, and then, imagine learning this material without having to travel out-of-state to receive it. Plus, I’ve included all the new Covid-19 Business Strategy tips in all the 2021 BootCamps.


  • Cost to attend the BootCamp: $995.00. (Previously, $1,395.00 – Reduced during the pandemic)


  • We will have a Zoom video get-together planned on before the BootCamp starts for approximately 1-hour.  This will be important for you to attend as we’ll review key materials that are part of the online learning process. After registering, we will let you know the date and time for the get-together.
  • Our BootCamp is conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Your start and end times will vary depending on the Time Zone you are located in.  Each day will consist of 5-1/2 hours of online training, with 30-minute breaks between sessions, but our lunch break will be for 1-hour.
  • Individual Consulting Time: I will share with everyone on the third day of the class additional learning and consulting options exclusively for Destination BootCamp Graduates. Included in your choices will be individual meetings with me and group learning activities.


We will mail you a BootCamp workbook and other materials needed for the BootCamp.

Hope to see you online soon during one of our 2021 Destination BootCamps.

Please call me if you have any questions at 303-774-6522 or email me directly at

Jon Schallert 


APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS:  The Destination Business BootCamp® is designed to instruct individual business owners.  Every application is reviewed on an individual basis, and The Schallert Group, Inc. has the right to accept or deny any registration of any potential attendee.

LICENSING FOR ORGANIZATIONS: We are often asked permission by consultants, trainers, ad agencies, national for-profit franchises, buying groups, national corporations, and associations to have their marketing and training personnel attend a Destination BootCamp, so that Jon Schallert’s Destination Business strategies can be utilized by their collective networks and multiple store locations.  Any of these groups who wish to utilize Jon’s Destination Business strategies must enter into a License Agreement with The Schallert Group, Inc. prior to being accepted for attendance to the Destination Business BootCamp®.  Please contact The Schallert Group, Inc. for pricing and licensing terms.