What You’ll Learn


In 2 1/2 days, I will show you the techniques I’ve learned from my 30+ years of working with small business entrepreneurs. My 14-step method is being used with amazing success by business owners and communities around the world.

At Destination Business BootCamp, you will learn how to change your business into a Consumer Destination that is consistently preferred by your customers over your competitors. As a business owner, you will learn how to use the strategy and tools to keep local customers spending money with your business, and how to immediately start drawing customers from well beyond your immediate marketplace.

Here is a list of 81 individual components you will learn at my Destination Business BootCamp:

FIRST, you will learn how to make your business so compellingly different that consumers say “I have to go to that place!”
You will learn from actual examples of businesses that are implementing my Destination Strategy, many businesses pulling customers from hundreds of miles away.

SECOND, you will learn the entire strategy of becoming a Destination Business.  All 14-steps, top to bottom, in its entirety. And I’m the only one who’ll be teaching you this.

THIRD, you’ll learn why you can NEVER WAIT for your marketplace to change. You must focus on changing your business and stop focusing on all the groups that you think aren’t doing enough for your community.  It’s not your chamber, economic development department, city, town, county, downtown, Main Street, or any State agency’s responsibility to fix your deteriorating business situation.  It’s all up to you, as a business owner, and I’m going to show you how to correct it.

FOURTH, you will learn actual, proven lessons from the most proactive business owners in North America who I have interviewed and studied over the course of nearly 30 years.  I didn’t make this stuff up.  Everything I’m going to teach you is being used right now by successful business owners.

You will also learn these additional 78 lessons:

  1. You will learn my entire proprietary 14-step business differentiation strategy to turn your business into a Consumer Destination, and to do that, you’ll have to come to Longmont, Colorado, the only place where I teach this class.
  2. The best way to attract your top customers, even if your best local customers aren’t spending
  3. Why location, location, location doesn’t have to matter anymore
  4. Why waiting for “big brother” to create a destination fails most of the time
  5. Two (2) key financial components that your banker will never have heard of that are critical for the success of any small business (especially one that wants to become a Destination)
  6. Four (4) critical profitability tools you as a business owner should be using, but probably aren’t
  7. How to increase the most valuable asset your business possesses (which most owners neglect until right before they want to sell, and then, it’s too late)
  8. How to prevent your business from having little value when you are ready to sell it
  9. Two key indicators that will tell you if your business should be sold or closed, when you are contemplating putting more money into it
  10. The most critical reasons for business stagnation and what to do about it, right now
  11. The #1 role you must adopt to grow your business quickly (that most owners never think about doing)
  12. The three (3) ways to overcome that overwhelmed feeling of having too much to do.  Do you know them?
  13. How to get customers to remember your business name, just like top brands in the country.  We fly in an award-winning Madison Avenue advertising executive to consult with you on your advertising, included as part of your BootCamp attendance.
  14. How to create a hit-list of your best customers who will spread positive word-of-mouth about your business (just like having your own bunch of Oprah Winfreys running around talking about your business!)
  15. How you can exploit the hidden weaknesses of every superstore or Internet e-commerce site, even if it’s Costco, Wal-Mart, Home Depot,  Amazon.com, or Zappos.com.
  16. How to change a part of your business that’s working perfectly well, just so you can infuriate and frustrate your competitors who are trying to copy you.
  17. Five (5) little-known techniques to find high margin products that can help boost your bottom line
  18. One phrase you should be repeating to yourself every morning when you wake up, if you are a perfectionist or if you have a controlling personality. I haven’t even met you, and you are probably one of these two personality types.
  19. The most important ½-hour you’ll spend each week should be focused on this one task.  Are you doing it?
  20. How to become more focused with one simple tool, even if you are overwhelmed with tasks
  21. The worst and best ways to charge up employees
  22. The 9 key components of a Destination Business website.  (Most websites have just one or two of these.)
  23. One addition to your website that is so unfair to your competition, they will wish they would have done it.  (This one item, added to a business website, caused one owner to get a 4-page article written about her business in a national newspaper, along with three television stories, all at no cost to her.)
  24. The key reason top Destination Businesses can still operate effectively and profitably, even during slower sales and in poorer demographic areas
  25. The six (6) key principles for creating compelling product niches
  26. The one sure-fire technique you can use if you absolutely, positively, must have free publicity now (it’s like a PR secret weapon)
  27. How to bond a customer to your business in 7 seconds by magnifying five (5) critical areas in your business
  28. How to turn regular employees into dedicated supporters of your vision
  29. How a multi-million dollar retailer with a staff of over 40 keeps his employees organized and on-task with just two 15-minute meetings a-day
  30. Why 68% of the customers leave a business mad, and what you can do to bring them back
  31. How you can take a customer complaint and spin it, where that problem adds more profit to your business
  32. Twenty-four (24) questions, that when you answer them, will separate your business from any competitor (it’s taken me almost 20 years to perfect this list)
  33. How to make your existing customers buy more frequently, visit more often, spend more when they walk-in, and think about buying more when they walk out
  34. How to turn customer complaints into free publicity, without having to write any press release
  35. Why most national chains will never be Destinations and why your business can be
  36. How to schedule high traffic events to alleviate low-traffic downturns throughout your year
  37. How to create an integrated marketing campaign without having to write anything down on paper
  38. The easiest way to attract writers, television producers, and media people so your business can get free publicity.  You will learn how businesses just like yours are receiving free publicity on national television, in magazines, newspapers, and radio.
  39. The best way to make strategic changes to your business in the shortest amount of time that involve less risk, but have a huge return-on-investment.
  40. How to get your customers to bring you new customers with one single swipe of your pen
  41. Why price advertising (as you’re doing it) is probably slowly killing your business and how to price discount correctly and maintain more of your profit margin
  42. How to cut advertising expenses (ads that customers ignore anyway) and spend less money on marketing that customers believe
  43. The two (2) fastest methods to attract the best customers (but right now, you think these methods are out of your control)
  44. Which types of marketing are the most wasteful to you, based on the ideal customers you’d like to attract
  45. How to turn your best customers into your employee/staff trainers
  46. The lowest cost, most effective techniques to supercharge your floorspace, whether your space is a retail store, a restaurant, and office, or a warehouse
  47. The best way to stop cars driving by and get their drivers into your business
  48. The easiest and cheapest way to remodel a store if you have to tackle this grueling task
  49. The top five mistakes that most businesses make with their window displays that can be implemented by even the most untalented window display person
  50. How to get your customers to advertise your business and bring you more people like them
  51. Learn about the best in-business seminar program that generates customer traffic and sales, with minimal costs (this idea came from a million dollar retailer)
  52. How to keep your competition from copying your every move (and it’s so inexpensive to do)
  53. Learn what’s the first thing to say to any customer, and never get the “I’m just looking” response
  54. You will learn when it’s best to act impulsively, listen to your intuition, and capture those moments of brilliance that pop into your brain every morning
  55. How to integrate surprise into your business brand, and it’s so inexpensive to do
  56. Why sales plateau naturally occurs and why doing what you’re doing will not help them go away anyway
  57. How to create 100+ search engine optimized web pages leading back to your website, and at the same time, rise in the rankings of Google, Yahoo, and MSN (best of all, you don’t even have to understand any computer stuff; it’s automatic!)
  58. How to capture traffic from your competition’s website with them knowing about it
  59. How to be first in search engines like Google and Yahoo, without paying for placement. Yes, you read that right: You do NOT need Google Ad words!
  60. Two (2) proven donation techniques that will increase customer traffic, get your business free publicity, and drive away those undeserving requests
  61. A little-known free tool that allows you to connect with journalists who can give your business the free publicity it needs
  62. How to become part of the top-ranked international press distribution system for no cost (while others pay hundreds of dollars to join)
  63. How you can take your customers, create a one-of-a-kind advertising campaign around them, and then, build a direct mail program that you don’t have to pay for
  64. The formula for creating a greeting when you meet a new prospect that will get them to pay attention to your business
  65. Eight (8) powerful steps to getting the product you have in your business to stand out and be memorable, even if your competition has a larger selection and a better price
  66. Six (6) critical mistakes employers make with the people they hire, that cause employees to never commit to the company they work for
  67. How to get 20% of your customers to pay for a service that you’re probably giving away for free right now
  68. Five (5) critical determiners whether you should ever do social networking for your business (if you don’t pass this 5-step test, it will be a waste of your time and money)
  69. How to make money from customers with social media (that’s the reason you do it, isn’t it?  And you aren’t making any money doing it now, right?)
  70. The one tool you must absolutely be prepared to master IF you really want Facebook placements to show up and have impact
  71. While we’re talking about Facebook, do you know how to have your post show up on all your competitors’ customers’ pages? We’ll show you!
  72. Learn how to use the most powerful, up-to-date forms of social media. This section of the BootCamp gets updated every class because it changes so quickly.
  73. One easy, time-saving method to increase your email marketing response rates and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before (I learned this from a top marketing author)
  74. Learn one small business owner’s system for getting his employees to send out hundreds of personal thank-you cards every month (and skyrocket his customer loyalty)
  75. How to convince your customers to monitor your staff’s behavior so you can be gone from your business more and have a life
  76. The steps you must take immediately after leaving the BootCamp to create business momentum and grow sales quickly
  77. Finally, you will come away from the Destination Business BootCamp with an entirely new strategy to grow your customer traffic and revenue for your business, all the while wondering why no one in your industry every taught you this before (Once you learn my Destination strategy, it’s pretty clear why you haven’t been taught this before).
  78. In case your wondering where 78-81 are, they are the first four listed at the top.

So there you have it.  81 individual components of the BootCamp that you’ll learn in 2-1/2 days with me, along with receiving invaluable networking with top business owners and their input during class!  Check out our BootCamp dates, get registered now, and you’ll be showing up in a BootCamp photo just like one of these!


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