Graduate BootCamp

Exclusively for Graduates of our Destination BootCamps
May 4-6, 2021
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Here is our list of speakers with their topic and their websites:

  1. MIKE KERR:  Mike is an author, professional speaker, and a business expert who focuses on improving workplace performance. Normally, Mike speaks exclusively at large conferences, but he’ll be with us to discuss his new book: “The Jerk-Free Workplace: How You Can Take the Lead to Create a More Inspiring, Happier Workplace”.  As an attendee of the Graduate BootCamp, you will receive a signed copy, included as part of your registration.
    During Mike’s session, you will also learn:
    – The 6 mindsets of a leader (Mike has created a personal checklist of best-practice behaviors)
    – How to recruit great employees (who doesn’t need this?)
    – How to make your business a place where employees really want to work for your company
    – How to get your business to stand-out from all your competitors with a “Service-First” approach
  2. MAT CASNER: Mat is an award-winning creative director with 25 years of experience in advertising, marketing and business communications. He has worked with world-renowned advertising agencies and Fortune 500 corporations, but he loves using his expertise to help small businesses thrive in a global marketplace. He is a sought-after small business marketing consultant and is proficient in implementing both print and online marketing strategies including website development, e-commerce and membership sites, graphic design and branding, commercial printing, online learning/courseware creation, search engine optimization, social media, list-building and sales funnels.
    Mat will speak on “Landing Pages, Pop-Ups and other strategies that help businesses build their customer email lists“.  As Mat puts it: “If your website were an employee, would you give it a raise, or fire it? Is your website working to build your business, finding you new customers and making you sales? If not, I will show you the most powerful marketing methods used today to attract new customers and build a list of fanatical customers who are ready to buy. And, I’ll give you a step-by-step action plan to turn your website into your most valuable, dependable, customer-attracting employee.”
  3. CARRIE AND GREG EHRESMAN, owners of the Triple XXX Family Restaurant and the Triple XXX Root Beer Company: You might remember Carrie and Greg and their restaurant from my BootCamp, but if you haven’t met them, you’ll soon find out that they are constantly moving their business forward and constantly getting it in the news. During their presentation, you’ll learn how publicity carries their business on a continual, year-round basis and you’ll learn how to create this with your own business. Almost 20 years after having their restaurant appear on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”, they are still creating free publicity, this year appearing in a newly published book with other legendary restaurants. Would you like your business to be continually reaping the benefits of free publicity?  Then listen to two people who have done it, who are brutally honest, unscripted, and passionate about telling other owners what works and what doesn’t.  And yes, Carrie was a BootCamp Graduates way back in our second BootCamp class in 2004 (Greg followed her lead later!)
  4. THOM SINGER: Thom Singer is an author of 11 books, a professional speaker, and a brilliant business strategist when it comes to maximizing customer relationships. Thom will be speaking on “Connecting with People in a Virtual World”.  We often focus on how many people “like” our pages, how many “links” we have on our site, how many “shares and follows” we receive. Tom will be talking about implementing a new strategy for making connections with customers, clients, prospects and yes, even your competitors. Expect Thom’s presentation to help you make big changes to your business in 2021. We’re tickled Thom will be with us, as he’s usually in front of big audiences or doing his award-winning podcast, but Thom graciously agreed to share his insight with us.
  5. JENNA SHAFFER – A NEW ADDITION TO OUR SCHEDULE:  Jenna Shaffer is the Programs Marketing Manager and National Product Expert for Constant Contact. I’ve known Jenna for years and I asked her to please join us this year with her newest topic. She agreed, and in fact, she’s going to be taking a break from her vacation to be with us (that’s how much she loves us!). She’ll be presenting her newest session: “Sell More in Less Time Using Email Marketing”. This session really focuses on email marketing and its integration with the E-Commerce side of businesses, and you’ll learn from Jenna the email marketing tools/techniques to immediately implement that will boost your sales quickly.  If you haven’t added E-Commerce to your business revenue stream during this pandemic, it’s time to learn some of the secrets of companies that are successfully shifting to online transactions.  Jenna’s presentation will do just that.
  6. BEV CALDER: Bev is the owner of Bella’s in Baker City and La Grande, Oregon. Her stores sell coffee, chocolates, wine, food, creative gifts, and everything kitchen. She will be joining us, coming off a challenging Covid year with many new accomplishments that she’ll be sharing with you. If you’ve ever been to rural Eastern Oregon, you know how amazing it is that Bev has created two (2) one-of-a-kind businesses, both Destination Businesses that regularly pull customers from hundreds of miles away. I invited Bev to speak because her passion, wisdom, and business savvy during this last year challenged everyone, but Bev’s businesses came out on top. Learn what she did and how her innovative processes can help your business do the same. Be prepared for her honesty and street smarts that will be able to be applied to your businesses with ease.
  7. STEWART THOMPSON: and Stewart Thompson and I met in 2005 at one of my earliest BootCamps. Not long after he attended my class, he started implementing what he learned in his store, Martha’s Bloomers, a garden center, nursery, gift shop, and tearoom, all rolled into one in rural Navasota, Texas. But one of the things people really loved while they waited to eat in the tearoom were the oyster crackers Stewart had seasoned with a special spicy mix. You might also remember that Stewart created the world’s largest teapot, captured tons of free publicity from regional and national media, and his store started attracting customers from all over the South.
    Then, Stewart took the cracker seasoning that he was using in his tearoom and changed it. His new recipe was a hit, and he used to give away a small baggie of it to each customer.
    Fast forward to 2021, and Stewart’s Savory Seasoning Company is now available in thousands of retail stores in North America. Some of you might even sell it in your retail stores.
    Stewart Thompson will be sharing with all how he successfully built two companies, both wildly successful, in little Navasota, Texas, and how he launched a successful food product that has swept the nation in popularity, all the while creating publicity that drives customers to two extremely successful brands.
    Stewart does NOT share this information with very many people, and I am ecstatic that he’s willing to share his expertise with all of you.
  8. Our final speaker is ME! Trust me on this: I have a ton of thought provoking information for all of you, all of which has not been seen in the Destination BootCamp.

Finally, our online Graduate BootCamp has all of these benefits also:

  • Everything is recorded:  The entire Graduate BootCamp will be recorded and made available to every attendee in our Destination University app, included in your registration fee.
  • It’s all conducted online!  Sure, we want to be together, but how great is it that you’re not paying for hotel overnights, meals, travel costs, and that time away from your business?
  • Each day for 3 days, there will be 5 hours of online class segments.  Click here to see the time schedule for the entire Graduate BootCamp.
  • We now have shorter learning segments with ample breaks between sessions to get up, move around, and (if necessary), deal with your business issues.
  • Since the entire BootCamp is recorded in small segments and shared with you, this allows you to leave the class if an interruption occurs, and you’ll be able to listen to the section you missed later.
  • The Graduate-Only BootCamps are designed to build on the tactics and skills you learned at our original Destination BootCamp class.
  •  The Graduate-Only class is more interactive with much more sharing and you will come away with a new set of BootCamp Graduate peers.

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Read what some of the owners said about the Graduate BootCamp that they attended our 2020 Graduate BootCamp.

I think people need to know that Graduate BootCamp is way different than the first BootCamp class.
This class’s value is learning from those who have applied the concepts and succeeded
with the destination bootcamp model.

WOW! is the best word to describe this class. I have so many pages of notes of REAL Tips
and tools that I can immediately implement in my business.

EVERY BootCamper needs to take the Graduate class.  It’s a more in-depth look at the key components of
becoming a destination business, with insight from business owners with real success stories.

What a great way to spend 3 days! Learning from incredible businesses, incredible leaders who are innovative,
love what they do, and love their community. I’m always seeking the best inspiration. Found it!!!

Graduate BootCamp is like obtaining your MBA. You have the foundation, but now you’re ready
to really hone your skills and competency in the world of business.

“The level of exchange/sharing with other attendees was fabulous.  I really appreciated the
variety and energy of the video participants.  The ‘Aha!’ moments come fast and furious
when you’re in a room with this many committed business success stories!”

If you have any questions or would like to talk to Jon about our 2021 class, please email or call 303-774-6522.

Thank you,
Jon Schallert

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