Graduate BootCamp

The 2020 Graduate BootCamp Just Finished,
But You Can Still Listen to the Entire 3-Day Class!


This is Jon Schallert and I’m sorry you weren’t able to attend my Graduate Destination BootCamp class, but you can still get all the great content from it and I’m giving you a special incentive to act now (be sure to read all the way to the end).

But first, I want you to read what some of the owners said about the Graduate BootCamp that they attended last week.

I think people need to know that Graduate BootCamp is way different than the first BootCamp class.
This class’s value is learning from those who have applied the concepts and succeeded with the destination bootcamp model.

WOW! is the best word to describe this class. I have so many pages of notes of REAL Tips
and tools that I can immediately implement in my business.

EVERY BootCamper needs to take the Graduate class.  It’s a more in-depth look at the key components of
becoming a destination business, with insight from business owners with real success stories.

What a great way to spend 3 days! Learning from incredible businesses, incredible leaders who are innovative,
love what they do, and love their community. I’m always seeking the best inspiration. Found it!!!

Graduate BootCamp is like obtaining your MBA. You have the foundation, but now you’re ready
to really hone your skills and competency in the world of business.

Here is what you missed that you will hear in the recordings of the Graduate BootCamp:

  • The 2020 online Graduate BootCamp was rewritten to include critical information on how to grow your business revenue, increase your walk-in customer traffic, and grow your online customer traffic, regardless of what the Covid-19 pandemic throws at you in 2020 or 2021.  I presented this information over all 3 days.
  • Each of the following seven business experts presented a 90-minute session. The recordings captured all of their great information:
  1. Erica Easley is an author, retailer, and the founder of Gumball Poodle, a manufacturing company that creates one-of-a-kind clothing. Erica shared how your business can reap huge free publicity benefits by following her lead. Her products have been featured on The Today Show, MTV, The View, Live with Kelly & Michael, and in too many magazines and other media outlets to mention. Here’s her smiling face and bio:
  2. Carrie and Greg Ehresman, BootCamp Grads and owners of the Triple XXX Family Restaurant and Triple XXX Root Beer, shared how they’ve been able to continually generate free publicity and international attention to their restaurant and beverage company, even though it’s been 13 years since their restaurant got on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and exploded in sales.
  3. Mat Casner, founder of Redlogic Media, is an entrepreneur, a social media/website guru, and a designer. Mat talked about the most powerful techniques in social media to grow your number of followers, get more audience engagement, and utilize powerful data-capturing tools.
  4. Brad Hewlett is the owner of two stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Two Rivers and the Forks Trading Company. Brad talked about how he’s taken his store and quadrupled his revenue with 150 local vendors and his own local product gift line that he’s retailing and wholesaling all over his province. Best of all, his experience can be duplicated in your local marketplace, helping you create higher-profit lines and creating products that every age customer will love. Here’s his flagship store:
  5. Jenna Shaffer is the Programs Marketing Manager and National Product Expert for Constant Contact. She talked about the New Rules of Email Marketing and Social Media Integration. Her presentation shows you the new marketing Silver Bullet steps you should be using that you probably aren’t. Here’s more on Jenna:
  6. Bev Calder is the owner of Bella in Baker City and La Grande Oregon, a Downtown Oregon Retailer of the Year award winner, and one of the most savvy, sharp retailers I’ve ever met in my 34 years. She shared her expertise on creating, running, and growing a successful Destination Business that pulls contented locals and out-of-towners from hundreds of miles away, even during a pandemic. Check out how she started here:
  7. Layne George is an Instagram sensation, a social media influencer (48,000+ followers), and an Instagram business consultant. Layne showed how to transform your Instagram presence and she selected several attendees and made one-on-one changes to their Instagram posts. You can see Layne on Instagram here:

If you’d like to hear what the 19 owners learned while attending the class in-person, we have a special offer for your business:

When you purchase these recordings, you and one other person from your business will each receive a copy of the entire 15-hour Graduate BootCamp 3-day event.

Again, we charged $500 for these recordings, but I’m offering you a $100 discount when you purchase these recordings.

Click here to receive the RECORDINGS ONLY of all sessions of the Graduate BootCamp for only $400!

And remember, with your purchase, you and one other person from your business will each receive a copy of the entire 15-hour Graduate BootCamp 3-day event.

I will say this: I sat through every one with these presentations, and this Graduate BootCamp is loaded with tips, tricks, and ideas that can impact your bottom-line RIGHT NOW.

Every one of these expert sessions could be the perfect lesson that changes your business for the better in this crazy year of 2020!

Finally, if you have any questions about purchasing the Graduate BootCamp recordings, please email or call 303-774-6522 and I’m happy to talk to you about it.

Thank you,
Jon Schallert

* The BootCamp Graduate recordings are copyrighted by The Schallert Group, Inc.  The information in the recordings is for your use to improve your business. The recordings should not be copied, published, distributed, or broadcast in any group setting (in-person or online), without the prior written authority of The Schallert Group, Inc.