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The Economy and What’s Coming, I Think

With summer in full bloom, not many people are thinking about what’s going to happen to small businesses in the 4th Quarter of this year, on into the 1st Quarter of next year. But I am. And I think that many businesses are not prepared for the possibility of a second plateau in sales and consumer spending. Here’s what I think owners should be doing…

Shawne Duperon’s “What Newsrooms are Looking for This Month”

Shawne Duperon is a media expert who helps my clients get free publicity and land their businesses on television. She is also one of our Experts who contributes to the learning in the Destination University Student Center. Every month, Shawne sends out her free ezine with top story ideas that the media want to cover. Shawne is allowing me to share with you what newsrooms across the country are on the lookout for right now:

When a Market Analysis is Wrong

I found this article written by a writer who attended my sessions years ago. I don’t remember reading it back then, but she makes some good points now.  Enjoy! What if the market analysis that said your proposed new business would never make it in a community was dead wrong? What if the numbers that…