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The Power and Popularity of Being Small

Why is it that so many Mom and Pop independent businesses don’t capitalize on their own uniqueness, their one-of-a-kind history, their distinctive personalities, and their own special quirkiness, and milk it for all it’s worth, when big companies are working extremely hard to create this mystique every day?

Pow! Just like That, You Have Momentum!

Not everything happens overnight. But a whole lot of things do. In business, it often takes just one major “punch” to start the momentum rolling your way. Sometimes, one specific, definitive action can cause an immediate result that puts you out in front of your competition and puts you back in front of your best customers.

It’s a New Year: Quit Running

My guess is that most of you have never looked at how you can alter your business model. You’ve just been doing it, day after day, week after week, and for some of you, year after year. It’s actually fascinating how an owner can create a business that year after year, generates about the same revenue as the last, and even more fascinating to me, how an owner can be annually as displeased with the results as the previous year, and still not change!