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Your Destination BootCamp Invitation

You are cordially invited to change your business into a dominant Consumer Destination, capable of drawing huge amounts of customers, skyrocketing your sales to new levels, and putting fear in your competitors’ hearts!
I will personally teach you my 14-step Destination process in 2½ days.
When you return home, you will know exactly what to do to
increase your traffic, sales, and profits.
There are 2 more Destination BootCamps in 2013: June 4-6, and October 1-3.
Sign up now at www.DestinationBootCamp.com, or call (303) 774-6522.
Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado!

ADDED BONUS: Register by Friday, May 24 and I’ll include a 6-month FREE membership to Destination University, the online training network! ($180 value)

Coming to a Town Near You: Destination Business Mobile Office

Coming to a community near you: the new Schallert Group Destination Business Mobile Office.

Now when you bring Jon Schallert to your town or city to help your business owners, Jon’s going to be bringing his entire office with him. This allows you to have access to all of Jon’s resources right in your town!

You’re Not a Hamster, So Quit Running on Your Wheel

Have you ever felt like you were running in place, and not making the progress you’d like to in your business? If you own a business and you’ve felt like this, I have a webinar for you to watch. If you work in a role where you interact with independent business owners multiple times in a week, you should watch this webinar, too.

This week, I took the time to create a new webinar: “You’re Not a Hamster, So Quit Running on Your Wheel: 12 Keys to Growing Your Business versus It Running You.

Quit Worrying About the Size of Your Marketplace

When I consult in communities around the country, I often hear business owners say things like: “My marketplace is too small”, or “There aren’t enough of my type of customers around here to support my type of business”, or “When more people move here, my sales will improve.” When I hear words like these, I realize that the owners I’m talking to have not embraced the idea that their business can become a Destination. Instead, they are running a business that is location-dependent.

Eric Chester, Reviving America’s Work Ethic Expert, Speaking in Longmont, Colorado on Thursday, November 15

Eric Chester, a leading expert on the emerging Generation Y workforce, will discuss “The Declining Work Ethic in America and How to Fix It” from 9 to 10 a.m. November 15 at the Left Hand Brewery Tap Room at 1265 Boston Avenue in Longmont, Colorado. The event is part of Destination University’s “Tapping the Experts” series on topics vital to business owners and entrepreneurs. The event is free and open to the public.

Business Owners: Use Your Community’s “Secrets” to Grow Your Sales

Face it: Everyone wants to be “in-the-know” about the little-known, secret hideaways that haven’t been discovered yet. Whether it’s knowing about that great little restaurant that has wonderful food that’s never crowded, or that fantastic new store with the amazing selection that never advertises, or that great spot by the river where you’re guaranteed to catch fish but not find a crowd, we all want to be the one that knows about the Must-See Secrets.

A Rare Opportunity for Six Ohio Business Owners: Don’t You Wish You Lived In This City?

Business owners in Tiffin, Ohio have the opportunity to attend my 2½ day Destination BootCamp in Longmont, Colorado in October this year, where they will learn my 14-step strategy to turn their businesses into Consumer Destinations. For the third year, Croghan Colonial Bank has created the Small Business Reinvention Scholarship where up to six (6) Tiffin owners can receive a $1,500 scholarship for no-cost attendance to our Destination BootCamp.