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Why Our Destination BootCamp Works

Here’s a letter from a business owner who attended our Destination Business BootCamp seven years ago, Dan Horwath of Up the Creek Antiques in Centralia, Washington. Another business owner had emailed Dan, asking if the BootCamp was really worth attending. When Dan replied to him, he copied us on his email. We love getting letters like this!

Pinterest: Changing How Customers Shop and How Small Businesses Compete for Customers

Once you start trying Pinterest, you’ll probably be hooked. You’ll see why consumers are jumping on its bandwagon, and why a whopping 84% are female users. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history, and it is the fifth largest social network and the third most popular. Plus, it’s about to change how small businesses drive customers back to their websites and businesses!

Such a Big Change: A Letter from a Destination BootCamp Business Owner

This week I received a letter from a business owner who had attended my Destination Business BootCamp in 2011. Normally, I just keep these letters for myself, but this one, I’m going to share. When you read it, you’ll see why. There are parts of it that hit the emotions that every business owner in the world has ever felt.

Writing Expert Dr. Henriette Klauser to Speak at Summit Business Conference

Once you’ve listed your dreams, the handwriting isn’t just on the wall, says Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser. It’s in the filter at the base of your brain, the reticular activating system (RAS) that helps direct your attention. That’s why Klauser, author of Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want, And Getting It and four other books, advocates list-making to achieve your goals.

There are going to be 10 Winners: Shouldn’t one of them be your Community?

Our company loves contests, especially ones that motivate communities to support local businesses. That’s why we’re awarding $22,000 in our company’s consulting services to those communities who send the most people from their city or town to the Summit Business Conference in Boulder, Colorado, October 18-19 (where I’m one of the 9 speakers).

Are You Creating Breakthrough Success? Ask Terri Norvell

I want to share with you Terri Norvell’s article on creating “Breakthrough Success”. For those who are constantly focusing on the economy as the reason things aren’t better, it’s more complicated than that. I meet business owners every day who are slamming the brakes on their own success. Read more at the Summit Business Conference blog at http://www.summitbusinessconference.com/terri-norvells-breakthrough-success-strategy

Mike Kerr is excited about going to work. How excited are you?

Mike Kerr is the opening keynote speaker at the Summit Business Conference. Mike is going to teach all of us how we as leaders of our businesses and organizations can stamp out daily stress, boost the morale of our teams, infuse creativity into our lives, and create an inspiring business and work environment, one that’s loved by our employees and also our customers.

Using Yammer to create a company network

Yammer is a social networking program that connects all your company’s employees through one central communication channel. It’s free to use, it’s totally private, and it’s only for your company. I first read about Yammer in a business magazine, where a boss was talking about how he was connecting easily with his employees and keeping…